The Archaeological Museum
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Archaeological Museum

Attraction type: Museums & Galleries
Address: 1 "Saedinenie" Square, Plovdiv
Phone: +359 32 624 339

The Archeological museum possesses one of the largest collections (100 000 exhibits) of human art connected with Plovdiv’s history.

The Archaeological Museum in Plovdiv is one of the first Bulgarian cultural institutions, opened officially in 1882. It evolved from an archaeological-numismatic study during the final 20 years of the last century. Its funds contained initially a numismatic collection of Thracian and Roman pottery and jewellery, and ecclesiastical artefacts, icons and liturgical paraphernalia, 1500 coins, ethnographical and historical documents, church plates from the VIII – XVII centuries, 300 icons and drawings of the Bulgarian painters Stanislav Dospevski, Ivan Lazarov, Tzanko Lavrenov, E. Rajnov, Zl. Boyadjiev etc.

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