Bulgarian Museum of Aviation
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Bulgarian Museum of Aviation

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The Bulgarian Museum of Aviation was founded in 1991 and it presents the development and the achievements of the Bulgarian aviation. The museum is a branch of the National Military and History Museum, and is situated in a close proximity to Plovdiv airport. The Aviation Museum possesses two rich expositions – an internal and an external one.

The internal exposition is spread on a large area and multiple aircrafts are placed on it. The exposition presents not only the history of the Bulgarian aviation, but also that of the success of Bulgaria in the area of aeronautics.

In the external part of the museum the visitors can see transportation planes, military planes, naval fighters of various generations, etc.

One of the most interesting collections in the Museum of Aviation is dedicated to Asen Hristov Yordanov. This is the creator of the first airplane, built in Bulgaria. A model of this plane can be seen in the museum. Yordanov proved to be also the only adventurer who dared to participate in a contest in the USA for a round the world flight which was not performed anyway due to the lack of other participants. Later, the Bulgarian turned into one of the most distinguished builders in the area of aviation.

One of the museum attractions is the option of its visitors to take pictures in the cabin of an authentic training military plane Mig 15 of the 1950s. The visitors of the museum can also see contemporary jet engine, guns, bombs, projectiles, heat induction rockets, the black box of a plane, etc.