Nebet Tepe Hill
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Nebet Tepe Hill

Attraction type: Ruins
Address: 9 "Doctor Stoyan Chomakov" Str., Plovdiv

The Nebet Tepe hill contains various archaeological layers, the oldest one being from the Bronze Age, 3rd millennium BOT. Archeologists have discovered some rock-cuttings and places for offerings and sacrifices to the gods proving a Thracian sanctuary and settlement to have been on the site.

The hill was later conquered by Philip II of Macedonia in 342 BOT. He gave the settlement the name Philipopolis, “polis” being the Greek word for “town”. Throughout the years the fortifications were repeatedly demolished, reconstructed and extended. The preserved remains display several types of building techniques from pre-Roman, Roman and Byzantine times through the Middle Ages.

Objects of everyday life discovered during excavations, have been exhibited at the Archaeological Museum.