The Dzhumaya Mosque
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The Dzhumaya Mosque

Attraction type: Temples
Address: 4 "Konstantin Irechek" Str., Plovdiv
Work time:

Monday - Sunday

06:00 - 23:00

The Dzumaya Mosque the second-oldest working mosque in Europe, was originally built in 1364 but was soon burnt down. In 1435 Murad II rebuilt it and named it Muradiye after himself. The mosque was rebuilt and reconstructed in 1784 under the reign of Abdul Hamid and has since then not been changed. With a 23m-high minaret, it was the largest of Plovdiv’s more than 50 Ottoman mosques.

There used to be an imaret (a place providing food and shelter for the poor) in the mosque complex. During the ramadan nights the imaret distributed food. During the fasting period people should refrain from eating and drinking from the break of dawn until sunset, when a cannon anounced the end of the day. Such cannons were located on Nebet Tepe and Sahat Tepe hills. The latter also warned the people in case of fire.