The Roman Stadium
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The Roman Stadium

Attraction type: Ruins
Address: 2 "Otets Paisii" Str., Plovdiv

Under the main street in Plovdiv, is located the magnificent, very impressive Roman stadium. Its rostrums were built over Sahat tepe and Taxim tepe (2 of the earby hills). The stadium has the form of horseshoe and there has been 30 000 seats. The flashiest competitions were the Alexandrian games, which were just like the Greek Olympic games. The main sport branches were the disk throw and spear throw, run, jumps, fight. The games were organized at every 4 years and continued a few days.

Now it’s been reconstructed and there is a little museum next to the open part. There is also an elevtor and a poster that gives you an idea how it looked the whole stadium. There is a project that shows one day all the stadium will be open as an underground museum.