ATLAS Restaurant

In the heart of Plovdiv, where history and modernity converge, lies ATLAS Restaurant—an esteemed culinary destination boasting a rich international menu curated by one of the city’s finest chefs, Chef Ivan Delchev.

ATLAS Restaurant is renowned for its diverse international menu, blending traditional Bulgarian cuisine with modern flair. Situated across two floors, each exuding a unique ambiance, the restaurant also features an inviting outdoor terrace on the bustling Main Street.

The ground floor welcomes guests with a long English bar adorned with glowing onyx, offering over 100 types of whiskey, gin, vodka, and other premium spirits. Talented bartenders craft favorite cocktails with enthusiasm, ensuring a delightful start to any visit.

Beyond the impressive bar scene, ATLAS delights diners with delectable dishes prepared by Chef Ivan Delchev—a master of his craft. The menu showcases culinary artistry, complemented by a wine selection boasting over 300 varieties of Bulgarian wines—a testament to Bulgaria’s rich winemaking heritage, with selections sourced from more than 110 wineries across the country.

Adding to the ambiance of the ground floor is an authentic brick wall, part of the original structure dating back a century—a captivating blend of history and contemporary dining.

Venturing to the second floor reveals the elegant white hall, accommodating approximately 70 guests for private or corporate events. ATLAS regularly hosts international firms for training sessions, parties, and seminars, offering a refined setting for gatherings of distinction.

Every Saturday evening, guests are treated to live music featuring vocals and guitar—a delightful accompaniment to the dining experience, enhancing the restaurant’s vibrant atmosphere.

ATLAS Restaurant is a quintessential part of Plovdiv’s dining scene, attracting a diverse clientele seeking breakfast, lunch, or a memorable dinner. Its iconic weekend brunches have become a favorite among Plovdiv’s bohemian community, with themed or classic brunch menus available every Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM, offering exceptional value and culinary delights.

As each spring arrives, ATLAS introduces exciting new offerings and seasonal menus, ensuring a fresh and enticing dining experience with each visit.

In summary, ATLAS Restaurant stands as a symbol of culinary excellence in Plovdiv—a place where one can enjoy a casual meal, a sumptuous dinner, or indulge in a weekend brunch with a glass of prosecco, all while savoring the vibrant spirit of this historic city.

Address: 41 Alexander Batemberg St.
Book a table: +359 88 266 6555

For a memorable dining experience infused with creativity, flavor, and sophistication, ATLAS Restaurant invites you to explore the intersection of gastronomy and culture in Plovdiv’s vibrant culinary landscape.

ATLAS Restaurant—a culinary journey awaits, where every bite tells a story and every sip is a celebration of Plovdiv’s culinary heritage.

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